​Please provide proof of Elite Circle qualification by providing each name of recruit and/or sale.

  • Must have a minimum of 3 personal points of any combination of recruit and sale of insurance/investment products. ​

    • 1 recruit = 2 pts

    • 1 sale = 1 pt

  • All 5 personal points must be within a 30-day rolling period starting (TBA)

  • Please attach qualifying proofs to the registration form to validate your approval into class.

  • Confirmation page of online generated AMA’s as well as system proof of sales is acceptable. Please use common sense in submitting one page of verification per point.


  1. Enrollment fee is non-refundable. ONLY Cash or Credit/Debit Card are accepted. The enrollment fees are used to cover operating cost of the program including the expenses to have all the leaders around the country to coach the classes.

  2. If you qualify, your spouse can join EC as Qualifier and pay Qualifier’s fee.  If you don’t qualify, your spouse can join you as a Non-Qualifier and pay Non-Qualifier’s fee.

  3. All the other Elite Circle’s policy, please refer to “Rules & Regulations”.