(Checked for Completion at Every Class)

☐ 5-Subject Spiral Notebook (Optional)

☐ 2 WFG Ink Pens, 2 Red Felt-tip Marker Pens (Papermate) (Optional)

☐ Read RULES & REGULATIONS (Required)

☐ Current Prospect List of 50 Names (Required)

☐ EC Graduate shirt or Mission Team shirt/Team Shirt (Required)

☐ EC Recruiting Bubble Chart (Required)

☐ EC Production Log (Required)

☐ EC Bonus Log (Required)

☐ Assigned book for the Class (Required, can be Hardcover or E-Book)

                     Required Reading for Basic Class

           Financial Pocket Knife by James Stoddard

                     Required Reading for Advanced Class

                  The Power of Zero by David McKnight