(Checked for Completion at Every Class)

☐ 5-Subject Spiral Notebook (Optional)

☐ 2 WFG Ink Pens, 2 Red Felt-tip Marker Pens (Papermate) (Optional)

☐ Read RULES & REGULATIONS (Required)

☐ Current Prospect List of 50 Names (Required)

☐ EC Graduate shirt or Mission Team shirt/Team Shirt (Required)

☐ EC Recruiting Bubble Chart (Required)

☐ EC Production Log (Required)

☐ EC Bonus Log (Required)

☐ Assigned book for the Class (Required, can be Hardcover or E-Book)

                     Required Reading for Basic Class

                       The System Manual by WFG




system manual wfg.jpg

Required Reading for Advanced Class

38 Letters from J.D. Rockefeller to his Son by G. NG

38 letters.jpg